Welcome to Some Infinities…

Here you’ll find things we’ve written for fun and probably for some other nefarious reasons. We don’t write a bunch of these to be published, we write them for the satisfaction of writing them.

If there’s something here that belongs to someone else then you should probably know that we’re not making money off this (unless someone actually wants to start paying us) and we’re probably too lazy and too enamoured to come up with our own equivalents.

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This site is dedicated to the healing powers that a good story can give us; serious words, silly words, grandiose words, simple words, and everything in between.

What you’ll see are a collection of ideas and stories running their course dedicated to our dear friend Rori, who likes her men like she likes her books: well-read and bound in leather.

Co-written by Calli who likes her men like she likes her wine: complex and aged just right, and Mhairi who likes her men like she likes her coffee: silent and waiting for her to finish the next chapter of her book.

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Here you’ll find the stories we are working on sorted by order of posting. If you wish to view a specific story or chapter please use the tags provided.